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Hmm nice game! loved it! <3


-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 08:45 (The 3rd Game)


Really nice game here. I love the art style. If you're looking to expand the game post-jam then you should add in a timer and high scores. I do understand there was a limited time to make this though, probably more than most as I participated in week 49.


Hey! Played through this on my channel, feels great!

Those drills should definitely be spinning. ;) 

I loved watching you play it! I wish I had more time to add more levels and stuff :/ 


Well, I think you've got a really solid base here if you ever have a chance to revisit it! :)


Wow, this game's movement is much better than  Super Meat Boy. I really hated its mechanics and that's why I didn't finish it, this game on the other hand - amazing movement.

Thanks so much for giving the game a go <3